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Protection against salt water and rust

I have a bit of rust here and there from driving through some salty poison. Thats sometimes inevitable and for my next trip I want to prepare my frame to get some protection. Whats the best you practice to protect my beauty from rust!

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I read somewhere that fish oil is a pretty good protection against salt water. You get a spray car at supercheap auto for about 7-8 dollars. You spray it on before you go to the beach and it creates a nice sticky but protecting film over everything.I've done that more than a year ago (it lasts 12 to 18 months) and then quickly got sick of the smell. I've seen that they have now fish oil spray with perfume so you won't have that small. But it costs now twice as much. But hey, at least nobody is gonna steal your car or parks to close to it.

Lanolin is also another good protectant... And without the smell!! ...

i've been looking into getting one of those electronic rust preventers, not that dear and an easy install apparently
Aaron Schubert

Lanolin is a great way to protect your car - I spray it on once a year. Let it dry for a few days before you leave, but it does a good job.



$160 or so... hmmm

^ I used to work for ARB and apparently those ERPS (that's actually the brand we carried...) do work and work well... The more "patches" on the vehicle, the better the result as well... Needs regular service/checks though to make sure it is doing what it's supposed to...

Have a mate we were wheeling with other weekend and he's got some $800 job that doesn't have any contact points at all?? I have read that they aren't any good but then it has a full 10 yr warranty on the thing so must work!?

No contact points...? Ok, new one for me... Yeah, you'd reckon with a 10yr warranty there must be something to them hey! :)

Maybe its 10 years warranty on the device itself, not the car.

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