Your Latest Modifications

Hey guys,

just browsing for some ideas what to do next on my truck what was your most recent upgrades on your machines?

I am just about to order a few more LED lights for my roof which I will be wiring up with this little gem here:

Forum Image

This is a WiFi Controller which can manage several devices based on 12V DC and can be connected with an app to your iPhone/Android Phone. I have already hooked up 2 lights on my roof (16W LEDs) and this thing is an absolute beauty as you can turn them on and off, dim them or let them run in carousel mode while you're having your bum comfortably seated in your camping chair.

my latest is this little intercooler I fitted a few weeks ago. makes a difference to the running temps & should be a lot kinder to the exhaust temperatures.

^ Ha ha is that the one you installed using cable ties and then had to remove before the Coffs trip...? ...

I've added a set of twin scoops to the 'Troll, also to try to help with cooling... Needs some tweaks to be most effective, but at the moment it's working alright...

Hmmm... Torsten mate, can ya help me out with the pics again please mate? I'm clicking the little thumbnails, but can't work it... Me n Andy, technology hates us

Forum Image Forum Image Forum Image Forum Image Forum Image

^ Thanks mate! For anyone wondering, that's Andy's intercooler in the two pics...

removing the exhaust?

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