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Protection against salt water and rust

I have a bit of rust here and there from driving through some salty poison. Thats sometimes inevitable and for my next trip I want to prepare my frame to get some protection. Whats the best you practice to protect my beauty from rust!

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Hmmm... Didn't think of that! well done mate...

Not sure if anyone has experience with this but I was thinking of applying of something like nanolex or rainex around the car. That or just giving it a wax to make sure it's nice an sealed.

My car came with one of these little electronic devices to prevent rust. I've been on the beach heaps but haven't got any rust yet. So I guess do work.

I used Lanolin since 2 years and I haven't got a single spot of rust on my car. Great stuff!

I have read that they aren't any good but then it has a full 10 yr warranty on the thing so must work!?


Still waiting for someone to help me with the issue mx player

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