Site is coming along nicely!

What a great idea to be able to search for 'like minded' cars.. also love the clean simple interface +1

^ agreed :) ... good, easy site to use, and interact on...

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

It is year one for DownThunder which is now toddler status. Everyone who's active and influential during that very period is considered to be a godmother and godfather to this baby. A young fella which hopefully grows to a strong and handsome community with good manners and a bright future. :)

Hey guys, when is the market place coming? I have some stuff to get rid off.

marketplace would be cool, think it's in the mix!

Thanks for your feedback guys. A marketplace is coming too - definitely. There are still little bugs here and there which need to be tackled down. But we're getting there. We had a massive user record last week with more than 1570 unique visitors a day. So this baby is growing quite fast. :)

ooo yeah!

^^ that's unreal Torsten, shows ya definitely on the right track!! It sorta leads me to something I thought may be good to include, and that's a list/notification of who's actually active on the site at a given time (maybe 4WDA style, with "online" across the Avatar)...? Will make it a more "constant" (only for want of a better word...) site, as people would know whether they're simply replying to a post, or people are on there looking at the posts/comments and responding in realtime... Just a thought :)


Good idea Dan. I'm on it tonight. :)

You know what's sick? 2574 Unique Visitors (Google Analytics) on last Saturday! :)

:) ... Wow!! That's unreal mate!! Gotta be proud of that...

Done and implemented everywhere. Forum, Profile, Comments and Startpage (where it shows the last 6 active users and hightlights currently online members). :)

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