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Future of offroading in danger

In a world of growing restrictions and regulations, it is becoming harder for us offroad enthusiasts to pursue our passion. Lately, it seems around every corner there are stricter laws, track lockdowns, park closings. Modified four wheel drives getting more and more attention from law enforcement – a result of a lack of public exposure and understanding. But, what if we told you, that together, we can change things for the better. By uniting, we can expose this lifestyle to the public and spread the good word.

One place to share excitement

Sure, countless helpful 4x4 forums and clubs exist, but there was never that one place where you could get access to all that information easily. A base where you have the variety of countless off road makes and models on one hand – and the depth of information and dedication about those cars and their modifications on the other simply did not exist.

We go with the flow

Over the time the digital world has evolved incredibly high level of connectivity and made it possible to share information, photos and moving pictures with the speed of light. This is a great opportunity to close the gap between technology and real life. And this is where DownThunder comes in and connects technology with real people.

Let's connect, people!

Enthusiasts can access information and find communities of like-minded individuals like never before. DownThunder stands at the cusp of this change, harnessing and processing a world of information into one convenient platform. Never before have all these elements – information on car modifications, car specific pictures, a forum for discussions, workshop tutorials, event calendar and a market place – been available in the one place. The heart of DownThunder’s design is based on accessibility and convenience; by collecting and sharing information on all sorts of 4x4 cars users have a world of information available at their fingertips.

Go on, it's all yours

Most importantly, the success of this idea rests in your hands. Success and innovation isn’t a one-way motorway, and DownThunder relies on your contributions to share your collective knowledge. Now you have the opportunity to become part of an important 4x4 movement; one that will hopefully become something bigger than the sum of each of us. The first of its kind, DownThunder is a one-stop destination for all your offroad questions, ideas and inspiration. You can join this movement as it goes through its early stages, growing along with it as you learn from others and they learn from your contributions.

Let's start a little Revolution

Technically DownThunder is way more advanced than any other existing 4x4 platform. It's based on up-to-date web standards and highly interacts with all sorts of social media. Our passion for technology and design as well as our knowledge and experience is fundamental for its constant growth and development. Still, we don't lock ourself in and work from behind the desk. We often go out and about to meet other offroaders while having a blast, getting their ideas about offroading and getting to know our members in person.

United by our common passion, we can make a real change. Offroaders never choose the easy path – we don’t avoid obstacles, we look for them to overcome together. If we chose an easy life we’d choose tarmac over mud and gravel, sleep in hotels not swags and order pizza instead of cooking our steak over a camp fire. So go ahead: stay off the beaten track and come join us, DownThunder. Brisbane, 31st of January 2014

Torsten, Miyao, Peter, Matthew, Adam

Our Team

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