An outstanding Defender Rebuilt

Is this the Perfect Land Rover Defender?

by Torsten 1mak Schmidt
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The Land Rover Defender - it's an iconic offroad vehicle, but it was made for just that: durability and power, but not necessarily comfort or style. Fortunately for those wanting to take their vehicles from the track to their daily commute, Icon 4x4 has just unveiled their practical transformation of the classic Defender.

Icon 4x4's rebuild of the Defender D90 makes the truck liveable without taking away from its rugged simplistic vibe. By stripping the truck to its frame rails and clearing out nearly everything else, they managed to re-invent the interior by fitting a completely custom fabricated and welded dash, along with custom door and body panels - all made from stainless steel. The effect is the ideal compromise between aesthetics, comfort and function.

The interior isn't the only thing they've upgraded: at the heart of the rebuild is a 430 horsepower GM LS3 V8, which as Icon puts it, makes the Rover "stupid fast".

The only thing they haven't changed is the outside: the body shell remains almost entirely stock, but the finish is improved and some nice details, like the milled aluminum door hinges, LED lights and custom bumpers, have been added

The result is a combination of style and substance, perfect for driving to work or taking off the beaten path.