Apparently ALDI sell them now with a massive discount. I paid about 79 Dollars (it includes a gas lamp as well) but now they dropped the priced to 29,99 AUD.

Looks great Torsten!


That's a nice ride. Can't wait to see more of it. Oh, wait a minute. Isn't that yours?

Youtube Video

I used one and a half cans of the Armor All Custom Shield. So plenty of leftover for repairs. Thinking of doing the door handles and mirrors now and later on all bottom silver parts of the body.

And this is after the trip washing it with the pressure hose and some Tyre Shyne spray.


Nice stuff there gents. I miss being 20 minutes from the glasshouse

Looks pretty good mate. :)

Did you try the other stuff too?

a quick pic of the awning setup

Forum Image

Found this little gem on youtube which visualizes the changes in geometry when doing the ball joint flip.

Youtube Video

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