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How to make your own winch

How often did you get yourself stuck and said "damn, I'd give an arm and a leg for a winch". Worry no more, help is on its way. Here's a How To video about how to make your own winch.

I first discovered this ingenious flip-flop winch from a YouTube demonstration by Mors Kochanski, the Godfather of bushcraft. A search of flip-flop winches on YT will garner several clips demonstrating the power of using two logs and some rope. So why would I add my video to mix? Because it's only theory until you put it into action by Doing the Stuff!

Youtube Video

https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/pebbo pebbo

Definitely want a good piece of rope for that exercise. I am just glad I got my electric winch. But good workaround if your winch is stuffed or you don't have one.

https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/Scoteye Scoteye

that's awesome.  Love bushcraft i wanna give it a go.

https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/1mak 1mak OP

Let me know how it went please. :) Maybe we should put a new thread together with various tutorials about how to get yourself out of tricky situations when offroad.


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