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WTB: Offroad Air Compressor

Hey mates,

my ALDI air compressor shit itself after a year of hard work last weekend on Rainbow Beach. I am looking for something bigger now and found this one on the net. The Red Head Air Compressor with 150PSI and 160L per Minute for 110 AUD on ebay (incl. shipping).

Do you think this will do it for the next 5-10 years?

https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/HillsForThrills HillsForThrills

Looks like it could be alright... Never heard of them tbh, so only time will really tell, but for the price I reckon it's probably worth a go...
https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/Triton girl7t8 Triton girl7t8

I got myself a Dr Air Pro Flo off Ebay for $200 with a free bonus- http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DR-AIR-PRO-FLOW-4X4-AIR-COMPRESSOR-4WD-ACTION-MAGAZINE-BEST-OVERALL-150L-BONUS-/291010185683?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item43c18f09d3&_uhb=1 It seems a solid unit very well made and goes alright. It won best compressor for the 4X4 action compressor comparo see link -http://www.4wdaction.com.au/sites/default/files/4WD169%20036-054%20FEATURE%20air_2.pdf

I have seen a few people buy the one you were looking at but never heard any reviews. I know this is a little extra but well worth the look.

Hope the links work

*edit - I see the 4X4 link doesn't work but just copy and paste in your browser and it should take you there.
https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/1mak 1mak OP

I saw this little monster today on facebook. a 160L/min Thumper Air Compressor for 99 AUD.

https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/ARGS ARGS

that's a good price.. bunnings sell the same one for 120. its a big bugger though!
https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/y_b_normal y_b_normal

I got one from big boys toys. 150 lpm, & the same psi I think. twin piston. less than a hungee when I got mine, not sure of current price, but I rate it very highly.
https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/HillsForThrills HillsForThrills

Put it into 4x4 Parts...
https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/NAVMAN NAVMAN

I'll stick to my ARB compressor
https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/Scoteye Scoteye

I have a Thumper as above and it is a good unit, hasn't let me down.Little large but for the price i couldn't beat it.
https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/pebbo pebbo

I got the Thumper but it's taking so much space up in my trunk now that I am looking for options of installing a compressor under the bonnet. The Thumper is way to big for that so any advice of a smaller unit would be highly appreciated.
https://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/pebbo pebbo

So I am about to order a new air compressor and I have it narrowed down to either the single ARB High Output compressor or the ARB Twin Compressor. I am contemplating whether the double compressor is too big to fit under the bonnet and if the single high output compressor is fast enough to fill up all four (33") wheels in under 10 minutes. Any advice?


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