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what's the one thing you can never go camping without? (besides the obvious)

tell us whats your one must have camping extra you never leave at home?
pajerocom OP

mine is pancake mix & the maple syrup for brekky the kids love cheap n easy

Porable Speakers. I've got the TDK Boombox which has heaps of power and make every camping to a party. :)

expresso for the morning (with scotch for the evenings 'course!)

Petrol for the camp fire!!!!

Burritos seems to be our thing, its also an easy way to get the kids eating salad!!

Campfire espresso maker. otherwise I don't classify as "human".

I just realised how practical those battery packs are (the ones with the inbuilt accessory plugs, hazard lights and air compressor). got one from ALDI a few months back and it saved me and a friends care already more than 10 times and I have had it charged only once right after I bought it. Good when your car battery is dead and nobody around to jump start the car with leads. :)

Does beer count...? hehe... fishing gear is ALWAYS packed... just never know when you'll see a good spot... Even on the drive to or from, I'll still wet a line for an hour or so... gives the kids a chance to stretch and run around as well... And of course the must-have Marshmallows

a carton of xxxx gold, not to drink, can't stand the stuff, to give out 6 packs to say thanks for that recovery.......

Haha, that's gold. Some nice blokes recovering you and you poison them for their efforts? That's a bald move Andrew.

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