Awesome Pajero Evolution on Gumtree

Hey Pajero fans. I just found this really awesome looking Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution on Gumtree.


This< has a potent 3.5 - Litre V6 features DOHC, 24 - Valve heads with MIVEC variable valve timing and lift. It has a dual stage manifold fitted.There is a healthy 206kw on tap at 6500 rpm.It has a normal peak torque of around 348Nm at 3000 rpm - similar to a conventional Mitsubishi V6.It is normally driven in rear wheel drive but has high - range 4WD with diff lock or low - range 4WD with diff lock.This amazing 1790kg Mitsubishi will reach 100 km/h in seven seconds on the strip.Suspension travel is increased to let you jump sand hills without the fear of bottoming out- there is 240mm of stroke at front suspension and 270mm at the rear.

This has a 5 Speed Manual Transmission, carbon fibre look-a-like dash, Ohlins Adjustable suspension all-round, 2 3/4 inch Exaust system, central locking and state of the art alarm system, sterio and 7 speakers, brand new KUMO 265 - 60 R18 110V KL12 tyres.Has had a brand new heavy duty racing clutch fitted around 3000 ks ago.Those huge wheel arch flares are essential to accommodate the widened track, there's a bonnet scoop and air extraction vents in the front guards, an elaborate rear spoiler and a bumper with integrated fog lights.

An aluminium bash guard is also fitted under the nose. Oh yes.... and the front bonnet is aluminium.Has Recaro rally seats, power windows, climate control and a centre instrument binnacle (containing battery voltage and oil pressure gauges, digital compass and ambient temperature display).

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