Wild Boar Snorkel Installation and Review

Hey guys, I received my new "Schnorkel" yesterday and didn't waste any time to fit it. Okay, only halfway through now, need to do more cutting to attach the inner tubing to the air box but updates will fly in as soon as I am done. Here's the Wild Boar snorkel fitted.

More photos: http://www.downthunder.com.au/mates/1mak/albums/pictures/404
1mak OP

I am still a happy owner of the Wild Boar Snorkel. Our member Args got now the same snorkel on his Jeep Wrangler CRD. I love the style and how it blends beautifully in with the Wrangler design. Yet the amount of cutting work you have to do so it will fit is insane. It took me I think 3 nights to get it all done. 

Firstly, and this is the easy part, you have to take of the piece of metal that sits between bonnet and window frame. You have to cut with a multi-tool where it's being held together with small welds. Then bent it a bit and sheer it off. There's no way back of course.

Then the hard part. There needs to be a hole under the bonnet right above the airconditioner. 

There is barely enough space to fit the plastic tube through and the hole needs to go through 3 fire walls. This will take a while and best tool to do that is a metal hole saw (some good quality stuff). After you finally got the hole in, seal everything with silicone paste. After that you need to connect the big ass tube with the pipe that goes into the hole and the airbox. 

You get an extra fitment for the factory air filter box that replaces the normal intake piece. Don't forget to put the white plastic expander into the tube, otherwise it will collapse under the engine-created vacuum (I forgot mine the first time and heard a big "flooop" once I put my foot down. Last piece is a very sturdy and stubborn piece of flexi pipe that goes into the snorkel and connects to the other side of the pipe that sits in the firewalls. 

Installation time: 5h+

Amount of swearing? 5h+

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