Lanvigator Catchfors


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Lanvigator Catchfors

The three main zigzag grooves and aggressive the pattern design provide you with an outstanding amount of traction on a wide variation of road conditions.

Its open shoulder and the void ratio offer excellent resistance to aquaplaning and help to keep the tyre profile tidy with its self-cleaning ability.

The block tread design with multipe-sipes provide outstanding offroad traction and reduce tread damage on off-road condition. Special casing profile and solid shoulder pattern enhance the max traction and cornering performance.

Jointless Nylon band and strong structure design provided the strong carcass to enhance reliability and durability. Special tread compount and wide footprint enhance tread life and deliver excellent braking on wet and dry roads.
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Owner Reviews

3.6 Stars based on 7 User Reviews
  • 30. May 2014 - 10:09 said

    great a/t's for the price i have a set on now for almost a year 31/10.5/15 great deep tread pattern low wear's Rating  

Dan Thunder

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