pajerocom's Mitsubishi Pajero

Nj v6 3000 sohc 1995

Aftermarket Modifications

Side Rails Alloy
Towbar Hayman Reece
Towbar Standard
Roof Rack Rhino
Rims Stock
Driving Lights 9inch Hid 55w
Towbar Standard
Rims Stock
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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine
    6-Cyl  •  2972cc  •  V60 -2
  • Engine Specs
    148 HP @5000 RPM  •  234 Nm @4000 RPM
  • Fuel Eco L/100 Km
    Highway: n/a  •  City: n/a  •  Mixed: 14.5 L
  • Gearbox / Tank
    Manual  •  92 L
  • Seats / Doors
    7 Seats / 5 Doors
  • Lift Tyres Gears

    • Suspension Lift
      1.5 inch
    • Tyre Size
      31 inch
    • Diff Gear Ratio
    • Body Lift
    • Tyre Type
      All Terrain Tyre (AT)

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