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2007 Jeep Commander Issues

Hey everyone! So this dang truck is driving me crazy! HA! Literally..... battery is draining every 2 days in my 2007 Jeep commander. Was on my way home from work and lost power in the front windows, stereo and interior lights. Also the engine light came on, the ((ABS)) light, traction control light and battery light all came on simultaneously then my car shuddered and felt like I almost made a dead stop doing 60km and the car then wouldn?t make it past 1st gear so I sat on 20km the whole way so I wouldn?t exceed 3,000RPM!!! All this started happening after I was unloading a kayak and hit my left side mirror on the way down.... idiot. The mirror was loose so I tried to use the control switches on the drivers side door to see if it would respond but when I did it sounded like the drive motor for the mirror was whirring.       !!!!!!HELP!!!!!!

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