A Pajero gets a Make Over

Is this Australia's craziest 4x4

by Torsten 1mak Schmidt
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A Brisbane-based Four-Wheel-Drive enthusiast has made a very special conversion turning a Generation 2 Pajero in ... somewhat of a Jeep. A Mitsubishi Jeepero so to speak. Under the hood works (more or less) a V6-3000 which appears to have already got an upgrade and is now able to turn off 2 cylinders to make some serious fuel savings. Although It might be just an engine failure. The owner will know more.

This is the moment your whole life has built up to. Secure your chance to own a fine piece of automotive wizardry. Say goodbye to getting bogged, having to get recovered, possibly rolling & even just not getting laid. This beast of a machine comes fitted with and oversized custom intercooler so that you can pull your mate & his hilux or landcruiser out of mud up a quarter mile on a dirt track in under 10 seconds.

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Say goodbye to overpriced ferry charges to straddie, moreton or fraser with the custom fitted candy stripe snorkle which will get your their in majestic style. As if all of this was not enough you will also be the envy of all of your offroad buddies with this custom painjob. This "6 cylinder" vehicle is so tough it only needs to run on 4. You will also be prepared for any upcoming zombie apocalypse with a custom fitted beard on the bonnet of the car.

People without beards need not apply to purchase this vehicle

Will consider swaps for dirtbike or unicorn

The Jeepero is for sale for a 24,000 AUD so you better be quick and make an offer if you want Australia's toughest looking 4x4 call your own. Find more pictures on Gumtree: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/carina/cars-vans-utes/bearded-offroad-competition-truck-4wd-not-a-soccer-mum-4wd/1049300464

Picture: Jan Kaplan