Are these Off Road Tyres of the Future?

Hankook's Futuristic Off Road Tyre Concepts

by Torsten 1mak Schmidt
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As part of a Design Innovation Project the Korean tyre Company Hankook Tire, which is the seventh largest tire company in the world, has presented a couple of super-futuristic tyre designs that are just mind-blowing.

As part of the futuristic design concept these tyres are actually able to morph their shapes to adapt to different environment. These Tyres can completely transform their profile and tread pattern to adapt to terrain like pavement, dirt, snow, rocks or water.

The first concept which is called Boostrac uses a hexagonal tread pattern which then can expand by blowing out its lugs to create more surface area and deeper treads for digging into mud and loose terrain.

Alpike is a concept which can expand its tire diameter to result in more ground clearance and make big obstacles easier to overcome. It can open up deep channels between the tread pattern to create better grip in snow and ice.

Hyblade is the certainly the most advanced concept brought to the table of all three tires. Hyblade has waterwheels as treads and propeller spokes to walk through deep water.

Watch the video. It's even more awesome seeing these concept in (well, simulated) action.