1mak's Jeep Wrangler

Unlimited Sport 2012

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine
    6-Cyl  •  3600cc  •  V -4
  • Engine Specs
    289 HP @6400 RPM  •  352 Nm @4800 RPM
  • Fuel Eco L/100 Km
    Highway: n/a  •  City: 14.7 L  •  n/a
  • Gearbox / Tank
    5-speed automatic  •  85 L
  • Seats / Doors
    5 Seats / 5 Doors
  • Weight / Length / Width / Height
    1860 Kg / 440.4 cm / 187.7 cm / 179.8 cm

Lift Tyres Gears

  • Suspension Lift
    2 inch
  • Tyre Size
    35 inch
  • Diff Gear Ratio
  • Body Lift
  • Tyre Type
    Mud Terrain Tyre (MT)

Owner's Review

The Good

Strong Engine
Traction Control
Wheel Articulation
Driving Topless and Toorless
Huge Aftermarket Modifications Variety

The Bad

Storage Room (Roof Racks need some expensive modifications)
Annoying chimes (seatbelt, lights, radio)
Aero Dynamics (yeah right )

Buying Reasons

Available Modifications
Offroad Capability
Engine and Gearbox Setup
Hard Top / Soft Top Combination
Appearance & Design

Future Mods Planned

Rear Diff Cover
AEV Rearbar and Tyre Carrier
Quick Disconnects or Dual Rate Front Swaybar
WARN Winch

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