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Stainless Snorkel vs Plastic Snorkel - Your Opinion!

Forum Image so what's the pros and con's of each

Not so much pro's and con's here, just my opinion... I prefer a simple Safari Snorkel... Have never had to install a stainless or seen work involved, but imagine it would be a lot more for a stainless system... I also (having had chrome/stainless on previous vehicles/semi's) reckon that to keep it looking good would eventually overtake the attraction of it... And now, I think they're becoming so popular, it's not really anything that stands out anymore... However, I will admit, that shined up, and fitted to a well-setup vehicle, they can look brilliant... Also I reckon the plastic will take a hit without breaking that would at the least possibly mar or dint the stainless... I'll stick with my Safari... :) ... good question though, and look forward to hearing other responses...

Okay, let's start at a different level.

I think a Snorkel is a very important accessoir for offroading but it's design will change the shape and appearance of a 4x4 a substantially. That's why I don't understand that the car industry (especially third party manufacturers) hasn't come up with individual snorkel designs.

I got an idea stuck in my mind which I really would like to see (even just as a proof or fail of concept). Imagine two flat pipes, each will be attached very closely to the window pillars (left and right), go up to the roof where a wide but flat intake sits. Like a spoiler or something. That way heaps more air can be rammed in and lets the engine breath freely on the motor way. I've uploaded a picture of a vertical fan. Just put it sideways and imagine it's one a roof, full length. That's how I picture it. :)

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New snorkel designs?

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