Fraser Island 4WD Casualties

This poor VW Amarok Ute didn't make it off the island.

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Anglers at Moon Point on Fraser Island came across this VW Amarok four-wheel-drive ute underwater at Moon Creek. Presumably the driver tried to cross at low tide and became bogged in the sand and mud and the king tide did the rest on Thursday.
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We've been just recently as a big group on Fraser over the Christmas Holidays. We had a Toyota Hilux, a Nissan Patrol, two Pajeros (NH and NL), a Holden Rodeo, a Suzuki Vitara, two Jeep Wrangler (TJ and JK) a Nissan Navara and every single one of them had issues cause by the island itself. Soft sand and salty water plus the hot weather did no good for our cars.

I myself lost a CV joint due to a ripped cv boot (sand came in and grinded everything nicely). Others had problems with overheating engines, starter motors (and starter motor solenoids), flat tyres, exploded batteries, cooked clutch etc..

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