Warrior Winches any good?

I have been browsing around for a decent winch to put on my car as we had a couple of occasions where a winch would have been very handy (including a dangerously close beach recovery of a Cruiser with his trailer when the tide came in). Has anybody heard of the Warrior Winches? They have all sorts of winches (hydraulic, industrial) including offroad models as well.

I am leaning towards the WARRIOR S12000 SAMURAI Winch which comes with dynema rope and ...

Superb high specification winch. Ideal for recovery and 4x4 applications. Outstanding features include high quality series wound double sealed motor with brass fittings, heavy duty waterproof contactors, double sealed drum on maintenance free bearings, quiet, efficient full steel planetary gearing. Comes with aluminium fairlead and fittings as standard. Complete with Heavy Duty integrated wireless remote.

Link: http://www.warriorwinches.com.au/winch_SAM_S12000_syn.php

What do you guys think? Anyone heard of it?

I personally would go either Runva or Warn winches as they are proven to be good and have a very good warranty and service reputation. Any winch can fail at some point but it's about how the manufacturer deals with warranty claims that makes it a good winch I would say.
1mak OP

Yeah true but I also need to be able to rely on a winch on a track. Tracks like Glasshouse Mountains can be quite far away from the next tow truck. Right?

I'm actually deadset against big name winches any more... Warn in particular... These days you are paying for the brand name more than anything, and their warranties offered are actually shorter and less comprehensive than those offered for say, Ridge Ryder from Supercheap. Sad but true.

I own a Ridge Ryder (nothing to do with my bias against Warn either btw...) and it cost me $350... It has performed at least half a dozen FULL weight recoveries (including a 40min winch up a 60m red clay hill in Coffs), over a period of 18months, and has never had so much as a hiccup. Ridge Ryder winches are now valued from SCA at nearly $1000 for a 12000lb and around $800 for the 9500 (if you can find them anymore...). So does that mean they are now "brand name" winches, or has SCA/RR realised the goldmine they are sitting on with them...

I compare that to the latest Warn which is $2500... Nearly 8x!!! what I paid for mine, and mine has paid for itself 6 times over with each recovery... Yes, there is cheap crap out there, but in my experience (both using and while working for ARB previously), not all cheap is nasty, and the value for money of those higher priced "name" brands is simply not there anymore...

But it really comes down to personal choice in the end... Some people simply won't put their trust in a cheap winch and will happily spend $2500, while their mates drag themselves up and down hills all day every day with their SCA/Aldi specials...

As for your original question Torsten, no, never heard of them to be honest, sorry :) ... but as my post explains, that has no bearing these days on quality or capability...

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