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Woolgoolga to Glenreagh #01

So I thought I would take the Wife, 3 kids and 2 Nieces out for a bit of offroad yesterday afternoon, wasn't going to be long but missed a turn, another road was blocked and 44klms, 2 hours 2 state forests and 1 National park we made it out, Holy Crap Balls.

Was still Quite wet and Challenging in places for a stock Paj and the first lot of 4wding in 12 months. Long slippery ascents, Thick deep red mud, washouts a fresh rock slide on the side of a dirty big mountain. Also some rocky but short but rocky climbs and descents.

Bottomed out hard on the front and back once each, not sure what hit, had a quick look couldn't see any damage, though i will have a better look on the weekend.

Only got a couple of pics of the car when i got home as I was to concerned about getting out before dark or in-case the rain swung back around to get more. However the niece grabbed a few along the way which I will try to get my hands on.

All in all a great trip once we got out, I did read a bit about the track but it was made out to be a lot easier than what it was.

So the route we went if interested is
woolgoolga creek rd, woolgoolga. >> Gentle Annie Rd >> Straight onto Sherwood Rd >> Sherwood Creek rd.

Gentle Annie Just turns into Sherwood Rd, making it easy to miss the cut back for bucca rd.

Scoteye OP

Surprisingly not as dirty as i thought it would be lol. Forum Image Forum Image

Your Paj looks great! How did you feel was it tackling the terrain? I am wondering as yours has the (I think) traction control which makes it a very capable rig.
Scoteye OP

I Couldn't be happier with how it tackled the terrain, there is no traction control on this vehicle (no switch).

Because the 4WD hadn't been used i couldn't get 4LLC locked in so i tackled it in all in 4H and 4HLC. Just kept smooth throttle and momentum.

Admittedly some parts i would have loved to taken a bit slower but i couldn't take the risk of getting stuck.

Have you tried to let the car roll a bit while it is in 'N', push down the 4wd-selector and then push it forward into 4LLC?
Scoteye OP

Yeah got it in once we got out of the forests, asked on vic pajero club and they said it will free up a bit with regular use.

That's awesome mate! Sounds like ya had a great run and ya getting out using the truck... Good write-up :)
Scoteye OP

Yeah it's great. Another run on Sunday. This time with the old bloke, Should be very basic but great scenery.

As soon as i have another truck ill be out and about coffss for some fun. Keepnyou4 eyes peeled for trips to come.

Jesus... what happened to the Paj' Matt...?
Scoteye OP

Cool Navman, What do you think you will get?

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