Plasti Dip'ped my Bullbar - Armor All Custom Shield

I had this wild idea to use Plasti Dip (a rubber-like protective coat) on my bull bar as it has a lot of stains and little dents on the paint job. So I went to Supercheapauto just to learn that only AutoBarn is selling this stuff. However the teller got straight back to me and offered me Armor All - Custom Shield. Which is basically the same stuff under a different name. I bought two bottles of black and white because I couldn't really make up my mind which color I will use. Ended up coating the bullbar in matte white and gave the indicators a black coating.

It's very easy to use. You don't need to by an airbrush set - the paint comes right out of the bottle. The coat dries within 5 minutes. I tried to achieve an even result so I added a very thin layer (the more distance you keep between spray bottle and object the thinner the layer will be), let it dry for a couple of minutes and added another layer again. Did this about 6 times and uses 2 bottles (the second one seems to be half full).

I am not sure how long the coating will last - especially after upcoming weekend when we go offroading (and more especially after I chose to use white as color ). But I'll keep you updated. Here are two pictures. The photos are taken before I cleaned it properly. So my front and spot lights are still covered in paint. But it's very easy to get rid of the residue. I used a microfibre cloth and Degreaser.

All in all it took me an hour for the bullbar (incl. cleaning everything properly).

At a Glance
Product: Armor All Custom Shield
Price: 26 AUD per Bottle @Supercheap Auto
Time: ~1 hour including cleaning


Looks great Torsten!
1mak OP

I used one and a half cans of the Armor All Custom Shield. So plenty of leftover for repairs. Thinking of doing the door handles and mirrors now and later on all bottom silver parts of the body.

And this is after the trip washing it with the pressure hose and some Tyre Shyne spray.


Looks pretty good mate. :)

Did you try the other stuff too?
1mak OP

Haven't tried Plasti Dip myself yet but my friend did and it looks suprisingly a lot different from the custom shield stuff. Plasti Dip looks like it gives a way more even surface where the armor all stuff has kinda velour feeling. I am not sure which one I like more. The rims look awesome with the velour surface but they collect dust and mud like anything. It's not that easy to keep them clean. If you go offroading a couple of times a month it might be worth to use Plasti Dip instead. If you just do mall crawling and want to have the more sophisticated looks then Armor All is your stuff. :)

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