ALDI Bike Lift as DIY Wrangler Hard Top Jig

Hey guys,

you probably know already that ALDI has specials every Wednesday and Saturday. So yeah, I am kind of addicted to it and always on the hunt to get new stuff like mechanical tools, lights, camping gear. This Saturday ALDI is going to offer a bike lift for 10 bucks. It can carry up to 20 Kg and looks quite decent.

So I am passing on my idea for everyone who has trouble getting his hard top on and off (lack of second pair of hands etc.). The plan is to buy two of these bad boys and mount them on the ceiling of my garage (if I had any!) then attach the Jeep's hard top on it and taking it off and putting it on with ease. :)

So, what do you guys think of this idea? Doable?

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Saw this in the catalogue and thought the same thing. Not too sure about handling the weight though. But for 20 bucks it's worth a try.
1mak OP

Hey Fruju. Yeah I agree. I don't have a garage just yet but for 20 bucks ... I am happy to buy them now and try it out later once we got a place with our own garage. And if it turns out that after all it doesn't work like that I can still use it for our two push bikes. I would just love to have freedom putting the hard top on and off without having to bother anyone. :)

I bought some eye bolts from a Bunnings for a few cents each, screwed them into the car port bearers and then used four ratchet tie downs to lift and lower the hard top off and on my JKU.

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