Jeep Gladiator 2021 Rear Axle Seal Issues

This is a heads-up to all the new Gladiator owners here. Reading a lot through American Gladiator forums and Facebook groups it looks like that there is a growing number of rear axle seal issues on Jeep Gladiators of the current (2021) production run across various badges (Gladiator Overland, Gladiator Sport S, Gladiator Sport Max Tow, Gladiator Rubicon, etc.). It looks like a lot of those rear axles are shipped with a seal that has been damaged during the manufacturing process and causes oil leaks. The oil leaks can be seen mostly on the right-hand side of the axle.

Check especially the dust cover of the rear disc brakes for oil spots. While repairs are covered by the factory warranty, unfortunately, the repairs include the swapping of the entire axle assembly because the seal itself can't be easily replaced.

If you discover the same issue on your Australian Jeep Gladiator please leave a post so we can keep track of it. :)

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