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Hilux Revo Rival Bumper

Picture of Hilux Revo Rival Bumper

Hilux Revo Rival Bumper Description

Drivetech 4x4 by Rival 6mm Aluminium Bumper Bars provide an excellent amount of strength and protection without the disadvantage of a heavy steel bullbar.

Integrated recovery points, LED fog/driving lights and winch mount allow for fitment no matter what your needs.
Stylish and functional these bars come in a matte wrinkle black finish and are designed with ease of fitment with or without Drivetech4x4's matching 6mm Aluminium Underbody Armour kits.
The bumper bars have been independently tested and comply to meet ADR69 Air Bag Compliance Standards.
Don't miss your chance to be one of the first in the country to fit your Hilux with one of these new 6mm Aluminium Bumper Bars!

Retail Price: 2589 AUD



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