surffing's Toyota 4Runner

Toyota Surf LN130 2.4 tdi 1992

Aftermarket Modifications

Rear Springs 2 Inch Spring
Front Shocks 2 Inch
Rearbar Broken
Rims Sunnies
Front Shocks 2 Inch
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Vehicle Specifications

Lift Tyres Gears

  • Suspension Lift
    2 inch
  • Tyre Size
    33 inch
  • Diff Gear Ratio
  • Body Lift
    2 inch
  • Tyre Type
    Mud Terrain Tyre (MT)

Owner's Review

Vehicle Guestbook

We wanna see more upgrades here! :)
lol.... soon my friend heres the list, it is just alittle hard when i have two other cars that need love!

stainless snorkel
front rear Lokkas
1JZ vvit conversion
nudgee bar with winch and a couple sliders

dont worry it will come planning to have all by next year
Are you going to put the new beasty online Anthony? :)

Sorry Mate,
you need to login in to write a comment or review.

It only takes a minute to create signup and create an account. :)

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