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How much will it cost me to replace my 22r?

Hey guys, i have an '84 toyota pickup that was given to me by my older brother, and it has been the biggest headache ive ever had. My brother totally commercial property in thane neglected the thing, didnt do any preventative maintenance, or really any maintenance at all. First month i had it it stopped idling. Anytime id come to a stop it would just die. builders and developers in dombivli But it would start up again fast everytime. So i took it to a family friend and he jimmy-rigged it to idle by plugging some hoses and turning the idle to about 2100rpm. That worked for about land solutions 3 months, then she started to die at a stop again. Now i can't get the thing around the corner before it dies, and she does not start back up for at least 10 minutes. Has a brand new battery with less than 100 miles on it, new projects in dadar bought it last month. Had a buddy come look at it and he told me i have a faulty carb, the timing chains knocking, and the rod bearings are blown. Thing is done for. But the rest of the truck is great, tranny is good doesnt slip at all. Newish clutch. Frame is 100% rust free which is incredibly rare for an '84. Has dual solid axles that have never been wheeling. Thing has an incredible foundation, so i want to save it. Basically my question is how much will it cost me to get a new 22r and have it installed. I have barely any mechanical knowledge and dont trust myself to learn how to swap it.

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