allradkermit's Mitsubishi Pajero

3.2 DI-D Elegance Long 2005

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine
    4-Cyl  •  3200cc  •  in-line -4
  • Engine Specs
    162 HP @3800 RPM  •  373 Nm @2000 RPM
  • Performance
    Top Speed: 170 km/h  •  0-100km/h 12.0
  • Fuel Eco L/100 Km
    Highway: n/a  •  City: n/a  •  Mixed: 9.7 L
  • Gearbox / Tank
    Manual  •  90 L
  • Seats / Doors
    5 Seats / 5 Doors
  • Weight / Length / Width / Height
    2000 Kg / 480 cm / 188 cm / 186 cm

Lift Tyres Gears

  • Suspension Lift
    3 inch
  • Tyre Size
    33 inch
  • Diff Gear Ratio
  • Body Lift
  • Tyre Type
    Mud Terrain Tyre (MT)

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