Rusty Steve's Mitsubishi Pajero

NJ SWB V6 3000 SOHC 1994

Aftermarket Modifications

Vehicle Specifications

Lift Tyres Gears

  • Suspension Lift
    2 inch
  • Tyre Size
    32 inch
  • Diff Gear Ratio
  • Body Lift
  • Tyre Type
    Mud Terrain Tyre (MT)

Owner's Review

Vehicle Guestbook

This is my 94 SWB PAJERO named "Wifey' cause i treat her right, Pamper her,Give her what she needs and spend heaps of money on her and if im real lucky she will give me a Dirty Weekend, She has an Ieonman 2" susp lift, 32' BuckShots Mud tyres,ARB Winch bar with 9500lb Terain Tamer winch.Light Force 9 1/2" spots,Light weight alloy roof basket,Front 4WD Systems Auto Lokka.LSD Rear,80CH ORICOM UHF CB Radio with Uniden 6db ANT.HID headlight upgrades,AISIM H/D Free wheeling Hubs,Full set of Diff,Transfer case,gearbox Breathers, Watchdog engine watch system, 3.5L pajero Throttle Body, Extractors with 2" system, 500watt Invertor,and most of the usual bits nopieces, I go off road as often as i can , Its been a great rig for me, Hope you like it, Cheers

I loved your resume. :)

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