Ford Maverick

DA 1990

Lift Tyres Gears

  • Suspension Lift
    2 inch
  • Tyre Size
    33 inch
  • Diff Gear Ratio
  • Body Lift
  • Tyre Type
    All Terrain Tyre (AT)

Ford Maverick DA 1990 Specifications

NAVMAN's Ford Maverick MY1990 has a 2 inch suspension lift and runs on 33-inch AT Tyres, inch All terrain tyres (AT).

Aftermarket Modifications

Owner's Review

The Good

Auto 4.2(petrol)

The Bad

Bad repair in right rear 1/4

Reasons I bought this 4WD

It was cheap enough with enough mods to keep me happy out wheeling

Future Mods planned

Light bar
Dual Batteries

Member Comments

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