Joshbro's Jeep Wrangler

4.0 Sport 2005

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine
    6-Cyl  •  3960cc  •  in-line -2
  • Engine Specs
    177 HP @3500 RPM  •  296 Nm @3500 RPM
  • Performance
    Top Speed: 174 km/h  •  0-100km/h 9.4
  • Fuel Eco L/100 Km
    Highway: n/a  •  City: 15.7 L  •  Mixed: 14.7 L
  • Gearbox / Tank
    Manual  •  72 L
  • Seats / Doors
    4 Seats / 2 Doors
  • Weight / Length / Width / Height
    1572 Kg / 395 cm / 170 cm / 174 cm

Lift Tyres Gears

  • Suspension Lift
    3 inch
  • Tyre Size
    35 inch
  • Diff Gear Ratio
  • Body Lift
    1 inch
  • Tyre Type
    Mud Terrain Tyre (MT)

Owner's Review

The Good

The Tj has the 4.0 6cyl which has been flawless so far (for me) and pumps out great torque from 600 rpm and up has an average lifespan of 380,000 kilometres which is great for the price they are today and I hope to see more on the trails here in OZ. Jeep wrangler (Rubicon) has won the best off-road street legal vehicle the from factory for the past 10 years or more also as the most modifiable vehicle ever made it's got great aftermarket support and your really able to accesorize it to the way you want it. 35" tires arent a problem for them and the short wheelbase is a great mixture for proper and serious off roading. Its our only car so we use it daily and honestly it doesnt ride as smooth as a land cruiser or be as quiet but we really dont mind we stick the roof top tent on, take off the soft top and off we go we have had it for over 3 years have had to do a few basics like the radiator but thats not the end of the world. Weve got 4" suspension at the moment would love more but the garage wont cope with any more height. It fit the budget my wife loved the look of modified jeeps, reliability in off road conditions is great.

The Bad

Bad on juice after all the mods, the oem radiator blew at 140,000 but got a good one on now and shes doing great. A bit noisy on the highway but thats to be expecyed with the soft top, we could go for the hard top but we enjoy the easy roof off option. Short wheel base is great off road but extra space is nice with the 4dr jeep or other 4x4s

Buying Reasons

Lower the kilometres the better, we have 140,000 on the clock nothing major except the radiator has gone a couple 50 dollar sensors but thats about it reliability is great off road as thats what it was designed for, what i mean is rad finally went when we were off road we drove with water in the rad tank until home it ran pretty cold all the way home. If something breaks off road theres a 90 % chance you can drive home fine. Not a lot of electrical which is great.

Look for a Tj in the later years 00-06 also side note avoid Jk's betwean 06-2012 as those were prone to a few problems hence the 3.8 litre out of a mininvan.

The tj is great the softop allows some road noise if you dont want that get a hard top one, we paid 13,000 for ours wich had a fair few mods already on it which worked out good, dont go to 35" or 37" tires until you do some research on whats recommened before doing so everyone in america runs 37s and up on there jeeps whixh is great but there parts arw cheaper so do some home work. Our tjs in australia have good strong axles so no worries with them if you score a good deal tj always change all fluods when your able and always service it and hope it always treat you right back. Preventative maintenance is key.

Future Mods Planned

A different roof tent perhaps, we have the adventurer from kings its good but maybe wel go for a pop up one sometime.

New rear bar and tyre carrier.

Fox shocks 2.5 in future if able and maybe 5" lift kit to go along.

Lockers front and rear (havent needed them yet even up little red in glasshouse as the LSD's seem to work good but would be nice one day)

Bigger air compressor + tank for airing up quicker.

35s are good but would either love to go to 37's next or go back down to 33s for the fuel bill and on road handling.

Barra swap! So i can do wheelies!

Probably will get something more family orientated like a wrangler jk 4 dr or prado :(

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Love the TJ!

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