Bogged at Rainbow Beach during Queens Birthday 2014

We decided to camp at Rainbow Beach (Sunshine Coast Australia) for the Queens Birthday. We had some adventurous situations during that weekend. It began with a mates Jeep Wrangler which got tackled by a Landrover "Offender" and bend in his front suspension a little. So the trip was almost over before it really started. But with the help of a hi-lift jack and a few magic tricks the Jeep got back to the road. Arriving at the beach we came a across a stuck Landcruiser 80 series which was dangerously close to the shore and bogged in deep send. My first attempt to work as an anchor on which he could pull himself out was sabotaged by his dying battery.

Tried to pull him out but dug myself in even more. Having a heavy trailer attached to himself and a dead engine didn't make it any better besides the tide began to come really close and started to wash away the sand underneath the trailer. With a good pool from a mates Jeep we all made it out and headed off to our camp site. When a few of our mates went to bed early the night wasn't over for us who where left under the night sky. Noo, we started digging. Digging really good. Holes under tents, besides cars and tyres. A bit of a silly night but I think we did good work getting the Holden Rodeo Ute from a mate knee deep in sand. An initiation procedure of our secret 4x4 club.

More pictures sooooon

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1mak OP

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Never ever touch any of my vehicles without permission. Those that do risk their very existence on this planet.

Just saying.
1mak OP

We didn't touch it. We just dug holes underneath it.

Ha ha looks like a good weekend... Remind me to sleep UNDER my Patrol when on soft sand...
1mak OP

Nah don't worry. I don't think those jokes are repeatable. It's fun once but that's about it. :)

Hehe makes me wonder what might be planned for the encore...?

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