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what's the closest call you have had either in the bush or on the beach

tell us your close call story

Was having some fun in the Glasshouse with a couple of mates when my Pajero nearly had a lie down.

This video is me rearranging my sill just before nearly having the near lie down moment

Youtube Video

another glasshouse incident, right after some rain, with a slight case of overenthusiasm, I thought I'd have a crack at this hill, well it doesn't go up the hill, more across the side of it.
as I slowed near a rut at the top, I started sliding sideways. nice & slowly.
then , for some strange reason the back of the ute thought it could do a better job of leading the way, so now I'm sliding backwards down this hill I'm sure will never end.
with 4 tyres that are no more than huge lumps of clay & doing nothing what so ever to direct the carnage, all I really did was have a very....very slow backwards crash!!!
within 5 minutes it was hilarious.......but at the time.........


Drove through a mud hole my mate went in before but somehow I must have slipped into a rut and got stuck. I stayed in the car the whole time and got finally out driving backwards and after changing from the gears from L to R for like 40 times. I couldn't get out backwards in the first place because the right rear tire slipped on this mud flap and had therefore no grip at all. The only chance was to rip it off by driving forward (just a view centimeters as the chance to finally flip was quite high) and backward several times.

One of my friends was sitting on the other sides window to act as counterweight. I finally got out after 15-20 minutes and had a lot of mud water under my feet. I am glad that the industrial vacuum cleaners at these car washing stations are pretty strong.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it, although the people who witnessed it got plenty, but I haven't been able to track them down...
After the big floods of January 2013 an ex and I were driving the Condamine River crossings out the back of Killarney... Came to one crossing which had been severely washed away and I told her to stay as far to the right as possible... So of course she dropped the left wheels into the creek and basically it was a straight drop down... We pulled up quickly, I got into the driver's seat to try and get out and nope, not going anywhere.... I've got a 7" lifted GQ, and the driver's side tyres were high and dry (literally sitting on the dry road) and the passenger side was in the water and the level was only a couple of inches under the windows (gives ya an idea of the angle we were on)... The passenger side filled entirely with water, my daughter was on the low side in her car seat and she was getting wet... A couple of onlookers came to our rescue and dragged us out, but it was so close to going over and under the water...
I look back on that day and shudder at how close I came to losing one or both of my kids (due to an inexperienced/useless driver), because I wouldn't have had a chance to get them out had it rolled... The really stupid part of the whole incident is that when we were stuck, one of the helpers drove past us in a 100 Series with a horse float on! That's how much room there really was, and dumb-arse drove us straight into the creek... I NEVER let anyone drive my Patrol in a 4WD situation now... Lesson learnt the hard way...

Saying that, I've also had the 'Troll nearly go over 3 times myself, but never in as dangerous a situation...

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