Scenic Rim Adventure Park is closing - UPDATE

Really sad tho hear that this park is closing down. It's been on the list for one of our next trips.

It is with great sadness we have to announce after a four year struggle to obtain suitable zonings in this area to operate our family business Scenic Rim Adventure Park we have decided to cease operations
Brian’s health and emotional state plummeted this month and the ongoing stress and financial drain on our lives with Councils unwillingness to address any meaningful mediation pushing through another four months in the hope the courts could find a satisfactory outcome for all is not an option so we have decided to withdraw our appeal.

We would like to thank all those who showed their support by putting pen to paper regarding the need for a property like ours where families can enjoy a basic bush outdoor camping experience in this area. Unfortunately these were not enough to sway council to acknowledge we do benefit the wider community.

After outlaying over $100,000 to obtaining expert reports related to the environment, noise, dust, flood, water, bush fire, needs, town planning, roads and traffic for this property we were devastated when Council again refused to move on their insistence we have to pay for the full upgrade of Tamrookum Creek Road.

All but two reports agreed with their council counterparts that this property could sustain our full business if we adopted their recommendations. Even if their requested full upgrade was a financial achievement we would not have agreed to carry out what we believe would be environmental vandalism and result in future devastation to the neighbouring properties.

We know SRAP could have been an asset to the local economy and this property is totally suited for our full operations but one has to draw a line at some point and we have reached a stalemate.

Thanks go to Brenden for all his enthusiasm and initial hard work in establishing the 4x4 operations of SRAP and Joe for his support and running of competitions and work around the park. To Kareen for her tireless dedication and support to all our family her talent promoting SRAP while at the same time trying to hold back to keep our existence low key.

Thanks again for the friendship and respect our clients have shown us over the past six years. It is not the destination that matters it is the journey that really counts. We will be keeping our phone active so please keep in touch we hope to be living on this beautiful property (well it will be once I get rid of the lantana) for many years to come

Kind regards

Brian and Wendy and the Harris family

Yeah, that's a real blow... Really wanted to check that one out, heard the top campsite was spectacular! Would have been great to see them get approval...
1mak OP

Good News everyone! The park owner has just contacted us with some good news:


Wendy from Scenic Rim Adventure Park 636 Tamrookum Creek Road Tamrookum Creek QLD

Just want to update everyone regarding our park. Yes we did close in December 2013 but our fantastic solicitors OMB and Barrister Mitchel Batty threw us a lifeline late January 2014 and continued their push through the court system.

April 11th 2014 the judge ruled in our favour and we won our case securing this property as a 4x4 park

We reopened September 24th 2014

We have a number of conditions which has changed the way people used to visit the park but they are workable at this time. As you can imagine this was a huge financial strain on the family and we are now looking at the 4x4 community to give us bit of support in return for pushing to get a great 4x4 drive opportunity so close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast approved.

We need the 4x4 community to book a trip out to our property

We are only permitted 20 vehicles on the property at any one time so with 14 separate camping areas and 680 acres of land your trip is guaranteed to be a relaxing almost private experience

Email [email protected] or phone 4058 406 236 to book your next 4x4 driving adventure

We are asking everyone who sees any articles stating we are closed to please update the post that we have reopened

Kind regards

Wendy Harris


So are we organising a trip now or what? I am keen as mustard!

you bet. me too.

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