Offroad Reverse Camera System for Trail Riding

Hey mates,

after today's offroading (pictures yet to come) I realised that I have to completely rely on a spotter as I can't see a thing within 1.5m in front of my bonnet. I looked up some camera + LCD sets on ebay and I was surprised that there are sets out there that start with as little as 35 AUD incl. shipping. I want to get something decent with a good resolution, water and dust proof (IP68) and good screen. To have the dashboard less cluttered with gizmos I am thinking about getting one of these mirror replacements with an inbuilt screen. My only worry is that it won't be big enough and therefore too distracting from watching the actually trail while climbing a crazy hill. So either I have a smaller screen on my dash (found some foldable ones too that I can easily collapse when not using it) or a mirror one. What would you guys prefer? Any experiences?

Here are some picks:

Dont you trust me? Lol

Normally with the spotter would use the handheld uhf.. this way you dont have to try and watch the spotter and the track :)

I'm in two minds with this one Torsten... Relying on a camera with no depth perception, to me, is asking for trouble... But absent a spotter, it is obviously a good idea, to a certain point...
You also are taking your eyes of the actual track with that setup, and I think that if something goes pearshaped, your natural reaction will be to continue to look at the screen rather than the real-life action, and/or listen to someone who is outside with a clear view, and that is definitely going to end in tears... Just my opinion of course, but I would much rather and be much more comfortable with a good spotter... Lucky I've got a couple of top-level ones I wheel with ...
If you have no spotter, then walking the track first and getting a good idea of where exactly you want to go is the first thing... next is being able to accurately remember that path as you drive it... Obviously you'll never get the line perfect as the car may bounce or slide, but knowing/remembering the track to start with is the basis of getting it right... and the last thing, and I find not many people can actually do this, but knowing EXACTLY where each of your wheels is, is a very important part of 4WDing... If you know where each wheel is, and where you want it to go, you can navigate through some pretty severe obstacles...
But again, it's just my opinion... but it's how I base my driving and my lines... Camera's are overrated I think... technically you can drive in a car with no windows and camera's everywhere, but would you want to try...?


I had front and rear on my old pajero and they came in handy when parking more than anything :)

I think that's what they were originally developed for, and also to ensure the back was clear when reversing (mostly for city-slickers in their ON-road 4WD's... )... hehe

I can see what Torsten is looking for here. I think he's lookig for something a bit more budget than what landrover (i think) did with a see through bonnet prototype not too long ago.
A camera that can see over the crest where you can't because the bonnet is in the way is a useful tool if you're not familiar with the track.
I know proper 4wd protocol is to get out and look but sometimes that just isn't practical/safe to do or you just want to be lazy or it's raining or all the above.


Yep, true, I can see your point and the idea of what he is trying to achieve... :) maybe I was being a little pedantic ... hehe...

Will actually be interesting to see one in action for real if he goes ahead with it...

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