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model specific

how do we start a section in the model specific??
I'd like to add rodeo to the holden section please.

I will add Holden to the forums now. :)
y_b_normal OP

why thank you kind sir.

hey 1mak, could I get a Ssangyong forum? I know it isn't popular at all lol. But there is only 1 Australian forum who can't seem to install anti spam on their phpbb forum, and have such have blocked popular emails like outlook from being able to register and don't reply to messages.

So if you could et me up, I can keep all my data and fixes here.


Hi Scoteye. Thanks for the suggestion. I will add it to the forum list. :)


Hi Scoteye, I've added a Ssangyong Forum for you. :)


Cheers Mate.

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