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Picked up my new ride today, Pretty happy with it! Totally stock except for tow bar and Electronic Brake Controller.

It is a 03 Np GLX 3.5 V6 with the 5 speed sport auto. 172,000Klms and super tidy never been offroad. Ticked all our boxes, might be a while before i do any mods, might be within the week. Just don't know yet.


Oh nice, well done. When do you think will you go offroading?
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Just researching some drives now it won't be anything difficult at this stage. My parents just brought a brand new Diesel Triton, so we are going to do some day trips, to some nice spots and have a chat about where we want to go and what we want to do to with our vehicles.

Well done mate... Can't go wrong with the Paj's... Very underrated vehicle and very capable... Keep us updated on planned mods and the build-up :)
Scoteye OP

Well That's it, Love the Paj! First off i need a full length Luggage rack as with all seats filled for most trips i need some space, thinking about a off road trailer as well.

Definitely mate... roof racks/baskets are very useful... Even my Patrol fills up quite easily on a decent trip...
Scoteye OP

Picked up a couple of things yesterday. Got a GME TX4400 Serial number suggests it can be programmed to 80ch, haven't wired it up yet but the seller said he had 80ch. Also got a 120W, 22 Inch Led Light Bar Picked up both for $100 So pretty happy.

Will just have to get An Antenna, Guard Mount and a New Mic for the UHF, and will ave to get some sort of bar on the front to mount the light bar.
Scoteye OP

I haven't fitted the UHF or the Light bar yet, but the Light Bar should be on this week.
- I Did fit a Second Hand ECB 76mm Nudge Bar.
- I had 4x Good Year Wrangler All Terrain Adventures Fitted. (Loving these tyres)
- I have a Roof Racks & Luggage Rack going on this week.

Getting out a bit too.

Scoteye OP

So since the last update 2" lift, UHF, Rino Rack Track system, Ebay Basket, Driving Lights, Head Unit, Air Compressor (portable). Some day trips & no major problems Woot!

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Scoteye OP

Added a Kings 2.0m x 2.5m Awning and picked up a brand new side awning at a unbelievable price in Rocklea recently.

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