My Ex-Pajero NL Build Thread

A few weeks ago I sold my beloved Pajero to a friend of mine. To keep track of the history of the car and because he wants to add a couple of more things to the list I decided to put up a build thread for him. Hope you guys enjoy reading it and come up with your own build threads soon. :)

[x] Added Bullbar (ARB Deluxe Winch Bar)
[x] Added Roof Basket (ALDI AutoXS Aluminium)
[x] Lift Kit (Nissan GU Springs, BluPac Long Travel Shocks)
[x] Free Wheeling Hubs (AVM Performance)
[x] Awning (Safari)
[x] Drawers (built by my gf Miyao)
[x] CB Radio + Antenna (ALDI Vivid)
[x] Mud Tyres (265 75 R16 Maxxis Bighorn)
[x] Spot Lights (eBay 75W HID)
[x] Roof LED Lights (eBay 2x 16W)
[x] Add WiFi Controller for LED Lights
[x] Replace Stereo (Pioneer)
[x] Replace Speakers (Kickers)
[x] Add Subwoofer and Amplifier (Bose)
[x] New Mud Tyres (285 75 R16 Summit Mudhog)
[x] Paint the Underbody and Bash Plates
[o] Refurbish Dashboard
[o] Clean and repaint Centre Console
[o] Add new Carpet
[ ] Replace Rear Swaybar Links with extended ones
[ ] Retint all Windows
[ ] Repaint Interior
[ ] Snorkel
[ ] Rock Sliders

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