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Superchips Flashpaq for Wrangler 3.6 Pentastar worth it

G'day. Since I put bigger tyres on my Wrangler I feel it's going a bit sluggish especially on hills. I found a few tuning chips (Diablo and Superchips) and I am wondering if it they really worth their money. I know that I can get the Superchips FlashCal to recalibrate the gearbox for my tyres fairly cheap. But I am really wondering if I should fork out twice as much and get the FlashPaq which also tunes the engine for better fuel consumption and power. Has anyone here had them? Are they worth it?


Hey Jimboo. I got the Flashpaq 3870 on my 2012 Wrangler and mostly drive with the 87 Octane tuen. The pick up after the tune is much better and so is the throttle response. A friend of mine did put it on a dyno and sent me the dyno sheets. I might have the chance to finally dyno tune my Wrangler here in Brisbane soon and I want to do 2 runs, one with and one without the tune. I let you know. :)

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Looks not bad but not really the performance increase I am after. What other options are there?

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