Superchips Flashpaq 3870 Review

Hey guys,

you know it's true what they say. Jeep empties everybody's pockets. I plan to put bigger tyres on the Jeep and therefore I decided to get one of these fancy ECU programmers. I heard only good things about the Superchips Flashpaq 3870 which is not only a programmer but a tuner too.

- Performance Settings for higher Octane Fuels
- Calibrating Tyre Sizes from 22.5" up to 42" (for Speedometer and Gearbox)
- Adjusting of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
- Automatic Transmission Shift Optimization
- Exclusive CRAWL offroad-tune
- Lock Rubicon Lockers on 4-Hi
- Power, Fuel Economy and Towing tunes available
- Adjusting of the idle timing in real-time to run accessories such as winches
- supports newest Wrangler JK Pentastar 3.6 VVT Models up to 2014

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There's heaps more what you can do with it. Like getting rid of the annoying beep when turning on the engine or leaving the key in ignition when you just want to keep the radio running. I am currently updating the ECU tuner before I can get down to the car and plug it in into the ODCB-II port. :)

1mak OP

Finally I got an update for you. The procedure to tune the Wrangler with the Superchips Flashpaq unit is fairly easy and I will add a couple of pictures into this post that can basically speak for themselves. After updating the Flashpaq with the PC Software called Spark (it connects via internet to the Superchips database to collect the latest tunes) I had to unplug it, go down to the car, plug it into the OBD2 interface and follow the instructions on the device.

It will first create 2 backup files from your existing ECU. That took about 15 minutes in my case. It then will restart the device to install the new tune. That's where it notified me that it doesn't have the tune for my 2012 Wrangler JKU. Probably because it's a Right Hand Drive and has different settings for our fuel parameters and such the tune wasn't available from their database.

I had to unplug it, get back to my PC and do another update attempt. It then came up with a message that basically said that it has transferred the backup files to the Superchips Server so that their service support can create a tune file for my specific model. It took about 5 days to receive a new tune (heard different things and was afraid I had to wait two weeks or something based on other users experience). I received the following email yesterday:

Dear Valued Customer,

Our records show that your vehicle was not supported by your programmer with serial number XXXXXXXXX. We are pleased to inform you that an update has been posted and your vehicle is now supported. To receive this update, connect your programmer to the Spark PC application, and your new file will be installed.

Sincerely, Customer Care

Did the quick tune based on 91 octane fuel. The American octane rating (MON) is very different from the Australian (AKI). And 91 Octane is meant for 95 Australian Octane Fuel. Link:

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Uploading the tuned file took another 10-15 minutes and the process went very smooth without any errors. I had a quick drive this morning to work (about 15k). What I can say is the throttle response is much better and more natural. You won't have that 10 cm foot lag anymore. I used to have to push the pedal down half way to get the car going. On my way to work on the highway there are a couple of small but long inclines and the gearbox always struggled to find the right gear.

What I mean is, without the tune it felt like it tried to use the highest possible gear but used to compensate lower RPMs with the thirst of more fuel and air. That issue is definitely gone and now it feels just tuned perfectly.

I have only 32-inch mud tyres and it already made a huge difference in drive-ability. The car feels stronger and picks up speed quicker than before (not that it was a slug). The pushing force back into into your seat has improved definitely. That could be just the throttle response but I will investigate this further this weekend when we go for some beach driving. Will look after the fuel economy as well.
1mak OP

Quick update on this topic. I got 35 inch Mud Tyres (Mickey Thompson now) and have changed the tyre size via the Superchips accordingly. Well, I have it set to 33-inch tyres now and the odometer is spot on with the GPS. There's not much difference between the 32-inch tyres (Mickey Thompson as well) and the new 35-inch muddis. Fuel economy went up ~1 liter per hundred but pick up and go is almost the same. :)
1mak OP

Just got this email from SuperChips. In case you have already the FlashCal you can upgrade it now for 90 bucks (instead of 190 AUD) to become a FlashPaq. That gives you the ability of the ECU Tuner.

Great news for Flashcal owners! We are offering our 50% off Flashcal to Flashpaq upgrades during this period. Our typical cost to upgrade is $179.99. Sales price is just $89.99! That's 50% savings for a limited time! Jump on this opportunity today and turn your Flashcal into a Flashpaq to experience best-in-class tuning and features.

Simply download SPARK and connect your Flashcal. You will have the option to add Flashpaq tuning for our promotional pricing of $89.99. This is a virtual upgrade. No return shipment or legwork required. Connect, upgrade, and experience the difference!
1mak OP

Just a little update. A bloke called Stuart who was recently featured in the 4WD Action Magazine with his all-blue Jeep Wrangler JK has sent me this dyno tune chart after his car got the SuperChips treatment. 140 KW on the wheels aren't bad at all. :)


Where can I buy this unit in Australia?

1mak OP

I have bought mine from ebay but let me check with some suppliers here.

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