Smittybilt XRC MOD Full-width Bullbar

After surfing through the waves of the interweb I finally found a bull bar that would suit my needs. I went for the Smittybuilt XRC Mod bar which I found on a website in the United States. This bar has a stubby-like base modul which can be extended with side flares and different kind of hoops.

I bought the full width end plates with the fog lights in it to cover up all important parts of the Jeep's front. Also bought the low-profile hoop which accomodates a nice light bar and such. The bar has already a winch cradle in it which is rated up to 15,000 lbs.

Will do a little write up and some pictures plus videos once I put the bar on. :)

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Looks interesting mate! Certainly different from most ya see around... :)
1mak OP

I thought I spoiler you with some pictures. Hopefully get time to put the bar on tonight.

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What's it coated with...? My first thought was Hammertone, but upon closer examination it appears almost like a Grip-style paint...?
1mak OP

- Manufactured from 3/16 cold rolled steel
- Solid Mount D-Rimgs - Weld on the inside and out!
- Multi piece options allow you to build your bumper in any configuration for any situation
- Built in winch plate to accomodate up to a 15k winch
- Towable D-Ring mounts
- Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
- Two Stage Textured Matte Black Finish Powder Coat Finish - 5 year Limited Warranty
- Smittybilt Advantage Warranty - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cheers :) ... Look forward to seeing it when it's on...
1mak OP

Smittybuilt XRC MOD Bumper Review

The installation itself took roughly 3 hours including taking off the Mopar Tubular Bumper I had on it. All pieces have been carefully packed into 3 big boxes. One box hat the front bumper itself, which is basically a stubby bumper. Box number two hat the attachable flares and the fog lights in it and box number three had the low profile hoop included.

As I already mentioned, all parts have been carefully wrapped in some rubber-like mats that protects the paint job and dampens impact (I do not want to know how often these packages have been "dropped" during transit). Another thing to mention is, that all of these items had yellow stickers on saying "Made in China" with lots of different QA-numbers and codes on it. I like to think that makes the difference between buying directly from China or buying something, that has been carefully assessed (material testing etc.) before it gets shipped to the customer.

Manual / Installation Instructions

I would say this is the only part that really is noteworthy as a negative point. The instructions are of poor quality. You just get some badly copied black and white instructions with no packing list and pictures you can hardly recognise. Take a look at IKEA or LEGO, they do it right.

The installation itself is fairly easy and after a little bit of try and guess you get the idea how it has to be put together and which bolts and nuts (I still have heaps left) have to be used.

Build Quality / Overall Quality
The first thing that has peaked my attention is the paint job. The Smittybuilt bumper is covered in, what appears like a very thick hammertone and just looks legen ... wait for it ... dary. I have no doubt that it will withstand the roughest conditions and just in case it peels of, can be easily overpainted.

The weld marks around the recovery hooks for example are absolutely straight and even. The same inside and outside around the edges of the bumper. The steel itself is probably more than 5mm thick and looks massive. When you buy the edges you get two extension plates that kinda lay over the flares and bumper. Even those are absolutely straight (perhaps laser cut) and I can imagine they would withstand heavy gun fire and cruise missiles.

All the bolts, nuts and washers you get are from really good quality. The bolts come in grade 8.8 and the nuts have these little plastic inlets to keep them tight and let them sit where they belong. Not sure if they are rust proof but by the looks if it they have an extra layer of coating.

What I like about the Smittybuilt bar is its design-based underbody protection, so you don't have to buy an extra bash plate to protect the lower front of your beloved Jeep.

You can buy three different flares for the bar to customise it for your needs. I have chosen the full-width ends so it goes nicely along with the flares and I won't miss out on the fog lights. Ah yeah, the fog lights are included too together with the wiring harness, switch and relais. The fog lights bolt right on into the end parts. Still have to finish wiring them up with the factory fog light switch.

If there's anything else you want me to ask, just let me know. I probably have forgotten a few things to mention. I bought the bar from Morris4x4 in the USA. Cost of the bar was 650 AUD including all the extras (pictures of all the things yet to come) and shipping was 300 AUD with Fedex (9 days delivery time).

Here are new "after" pictures. Forum Image Forum Image Forum Image Forum Image Forum Image Forum Image


Nice mate, certainly is a different set-up! And ya can't argue with the price!! :)

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