My first Gladiator mod: 12V outlet in the tub

The 12-Volt outlet in the truck bed was the very first modification on my list and I am quite surprised that the Gladiator Overland didn't come with this from the factory. It adds a ton of convenience and is such a no-brainer to have. Anyway, I checked out a bunch of videos on youtube and it looked like this mod would be straightforward.

So I made my way to Supercheap Auto and bought a spool of wire, an inline-fuse, a couple of connectors, and shrink sleeves, and electrical tape (mental note, next time order this stuff ahead of time from ebay where it's a lot cheaper). 

1mak OP

The first thing to do was to take a carpet knife and cut through the spray bedliner on the rear side of the bed to get access to a rectangular grommet. This will be the base for the 12-Volt plug, it can be screwed right in (and I used a bunch of hot glue to secure it a bit more). There is a lot of space from underneath the truck bed, so you can easily get your hand in and push the grommet out from the other side. 

1mak OP

The next bit was to connect the positive and the earth. The earth is the easiest. There are a couple of unpainted screws/bolts under the tub where this can be easily attached to. It takes a bit more fiddling around with the positive cable which needs to go all the way to the front, right next to the fuse box.

While running it under the frame I tried to avoid it being too close to any exhaust pipes or moving parts and at some point, you have to cross sides because while the outlet will be on the right sight of the bed, the battery terminal and the fuse box will be on the left. I found a nice clean cross member under the frame where I was able to find a clean and clear path for the cable.

If you got the accessory option like me, you can count yourself lucky. This will make your life a whole lot easier. All I had to do is, find the accessory pigtail which sits between the frame and the fuse box. It's essentially a bunch of 4 different wires of different diameters wrapped in electrical tape. Unwrap it and the wires will come free. Now you can connect your positive directly to one of the wires. I chose the second-thickest of them which is protected by a 30-amp fuse and stuck an additional 30-amp inline fuse in between (probably wasn't necessary). 

This now will let you use one of the buttons in the accessory switch panel in your dashboard. You can set the function of each of these 4 buttons in your uConnect system. Go to Accessories and now you can select whether a button acts as a temporary or permanent switch, whether they work with the ignition off or in ACC mode, and whether the car memorizes whether you had the button enabled or disabled the last time you drove your Gladiator.

All in all the installation took about just over an hour and was pretty easy. 100% recommend. The only thing I'd change next time is to choose a double outlet or an extra USB outlet. :)

Side note:

I've run my 55L Waeco fridge for a full two weeks on our last trip through this outlet. I believe because the car has the Electronic Start Stop system which uses an additional smaller battery while the accessories run through the big battery you will never have to worry about the car not starting because of a drained battery. Maybe someone can confirm my theory?

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