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Jeep Cherokee Tow Hitch


Looking for tow hitch for my Jeep Chorokee Blackhawk and I found these - Cherokee< with Mopar Tow Hitch.  Went to Suttons Brookvale/Roseberry but they have no clue if this can be ordered or can be installed.  Anyone know if this is coming to Australia soon?  It looks neater with the hitch as part of the bumper compare to being it under.  Not to mention it will be few inches higher.

I believe this is the Mopar Part - Mopar Hitch and Mopar Bezel.

Worst case I have to go with third party tow hitch.  If I go this route, can you recommend me similar tow hitch?  Wanted it to look like its part of the vehicle.  Like its attached to the rear bumper.

I'm from Sydney btw.




Hi Cliff,

and welcome onboard. I am gonna ask around if I can get any more details for you. I've got a few friends with a Jeep Cherokee KL. Hopefully you have an answer soon. I totally understand the aesthetic part of your question. :) 

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