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Doug, hello all

Giday all 

Just saying giday to the Jeep people  out there  I?ve been a keen jeeper for a few years now on my second Jeep my first was a Tj. Now own a jk rubicon.  not many keepers here in Midge Point so I looking at traveling  too some of the Jeep meets in future ?


Hi Doug and welcome aboard. :) How long did you have your TJ for before you switched to the JK? And what do you think after comparing the two different Jeeps? 

DougJKRubicon2011 OP

the Tj I had for 3 years great but was an auto which I am old school I enjoy driving so wanted a manual  and I scored a top deal with the rubicon for $14000 it had an engine light which no one seem to be able to track down the problem so saw it as a challenge  any was an easy fix once I found it . Tj was a ripper of an rig but was considering doing a heap of mods to get it where I was happy but for the price the jk had everything I was after planing to do so I jumped for it  both are great units in my eyes  ! ?

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