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swb or lwb ? pro's and con's

which is better and why?
which is worse and why?

The list of pros v's cons for SWB v's LWB are about equal until you start looking at things like storage for more than 2 people on a long trip. Where in a LWB you can usually get large long range tanks to go under them so fuel is less of an issue. With towing a LWB will always have a higher tow rating than the SWB where even a camper trailer could put a SWB over it's limit a LWB can usually tow a couple of tons without any legal issues.
The only real pros and cons.
Pro: A SWB for instance will always have a great ramp over angle even at standard height.
Con: They are easier to tip over due to the shorter wheelbase for example in wombat holes.
Pro: A LWB is more stable over the same terrain as a SWB due to it's longer wheelbase.
Con: LWB's are normally much heavier so in slippery conditions can be harder to get to the same place as a SWB.


^ I'd agree with that... :)

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