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3.0 Ranga down on power.

Hey guys, my Ranga is pretty sluggish and any help diagnosing the bottleneck would be great.

When I bought it the EGR valve would fluctuate constantly, the car would barely do 110km/h and won't rev past 3,000rpm. It's opened up a little bit after a few trips down the coast and I've blocked the EGR.

So yesterday I had a bit of a poke around, found a few intercooler hoses slightly loose, but there's still a lot of turbo noise after I tightened them (so if there's an air leak it's not from the hoses), the intercooler was also free of blockages and the intake manifold was clear on the turbo side. The MAP sensor further up the manifold was clagged up solid which makes me suspect the intake could be blocked at the back near the EGR hose but would that be enough to slow it down?

The engine free revs to the redline in neutral (so I know the clutch switch isn't holding it back) but in second gear it won't pull past 3,500 rpm, it just chugs and lays a thick black smokescreen. Below 3,000rpm it runs sweet though, sits on 110km/h no worries now and has never been short of torque offroad, I'm just worried that whatever is holding it back could be more sinister than just a lack of power.
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Oh, I should add, I've been watching temps and pressures via OBD and it seems to be making full boost, the intake temps are high enough to indicate the boost reading is accurate, and all coolant and oil temps and pressures are fine. It's got a new air cleaner, MAF sensor has just been cleaned, it's got a Safari snorkel and 3" stainless exhaust.

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