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Cape York 2015

Ok, blokes and blokettes... Here's another trip organised and locked in... At present myself, Andy and my Old Man have a trip to The Tip planned and locked for 27 June to 26 July, 2015...

Any other interested parties, give us a yell and we'll work out a program...

can't wait......it's taken how long for me to get on this trip???

Keep me in updated too.
HillsForThrills OP

It will be 2 1/2 years Andy since the first discussion about it... Takin ya time! hehe...

Yeah, Pebbo... regular updates will be posted... vehicle preparations, trip itineries etc...

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ok guys, the first real update is to the dates. it's now june 27th to august 2nd.
an extra week as been tacked on the end, so a total of 5 weeks now.
WOOO-HOOOO......(big kev style) I'm excited!!!
it's not compulsory to do the full 5 weeks obviously, just that some of us will be.
HillsForThrills OP

Ok Torsten, gunna need help again... I can't work these pictures out (ya still haven't put the ones from the Coffs trip in for me... )...

Here is the next update/mod for the Cape trip... I need some good camp lighting, and not having my rear bar built yet (and no chance before the trip... ) I decided to make a temp setup... a simple bracket off my rear door (where the tyre mount was) and a small 55w Halogen bolted to that... clip on cable which plugs into the power plugs in the cargo area (when I get them done of course...) and Bob's ya mum's brother :) ... instant camp lighting for a cost of, oh, nothing ... had all the bits lying around, so cheapest setup...

HillsForThrills OP

Torsten!! What happened to my pics?! Hehe ... I know it's Xmas mate, but ya droppin the ball here...

Anyway, first trip plan update... Me and Andy will meet somewhere up the coast (probably Gin Gin or Childers...) then from there proceed to Mackay to hook the Old Man's Hunjy on the back somewhere, and then we'll head straight up to Daintree to tackle the CREB Track... Provided of course it is open and accessible...
An overnighter halfway will probably be taken, then continue onto the Lion's Den Hotel for another overnighter...
Afterwards will be two or three nights travelling through Lakefield NP before rejoining the Development Road for the run up to the OTT...

More updates will follow when dates/bookings are set in concrete... Hopefully some of you out there can find your way to joining us...!!

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