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You know you own a Suzuki Jimny when ...

It's smaller than everything else on the trail

If you go to get the Sunday paper and come back on Monday without it

If you use a hose to clean the inside and the outside

If you own it outright

When the best route from A to B is through the mud, rockpile or over the mountain (or all of the above)

When a scratch or a dent is a beauty mark

You roll it over and don't get upset

Your mum and sister can't get in it without help

You judge every hill you see by how much fun it would be to climb

You search for trails in a helicopter

You puke when you see a Freelander

When you know what the wave is and you're not afraid to use it

You get custom pin-striping from trail brush

When a low-rider Suzuki pulls up next to you and you get out and [censored]-slap the driver

If it takes more than 6 hours to get donuts

When you pull into the unploughed parking spots on snowy days

When you take your friends wheeling and they say "What trail -I don't see a trail!"

When you've been forced to add SJ410, SJ413, Santana and Vitara to your spell-checker

Your friends won't ride with you 'cause they don't want to wind up in the desert in the middle of the night

When your boss's secretary calls to "recommend" that you wash your Suzuki

When you finally wash the mud off, everyone thinks you bought a new Suzuki

When you can see OVER a Discovery

You carry emergency supplies and clothing because you never know where you will end up

When your Bullbars battle rocks and win

When it rains and you don't care that your tops and doors are off

When you drive around to look at Christmas lights topless

When you change your plugs in the parking lot at work on a break

If your "Parts Dept." is on blocks behind your house

When you take your Mom wheeling and she has to help you flip the Suzuki back onto its wheels again

You use an ice-scraper on the INSIDE of the windshield

You get more heat from holes in the floorboards than through the heater vents

Passengers scream "DON'T ROLL IT!" when you take them wheeling

Thought I might share that with you guys

Ha ha gotta add mate...

-- When you go deaf from redlining at 85km/hr
-- When your best friend is your dentist replacing all of your teeth

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