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Challenger vs MQ Triton

G'day fellas,

In the market for a used 4x4. Budget is low $20k's.
I'm not mechanically savvy.... or really have any damm clue, so looking for something newish and as low km's as possible that isnt going to give me too much hassle.
Wont be doing any serious 4x4, just used for camping/surf trips and lots of city driving.

At the moment tossing up between a 2015 Challenger OR an MQ Triton (2015-16).

Challenger pro's
- Wagon
- Easy to find a well looked after family car
- Easy to find for low $20k
- Easy to find ~60,00km

Challenger con's
- Out dated compared to the MQ Triton
- Less economical in fuel

MQ Triton pro's
- Updated model
- More economical in fuel

MQ Triton con's
- Wagon
- More expensive compared with the challenger
- Ute
- Harder (but possible) to find as low km's

Sure the Challenger comes out on top with the list above, but it's by no means a comprehensive list.
Would love you guys to add any pro's and con's if your familiar with either of the cars?

Also open to other options!

Thanks in advance for your tips :)

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